Welcome to the confam page, a place to share your scam stories and track possible fraudulent activities.

Falling for Fraud can have a devastating effect on you or anyone around you.

So the worst has come to pass - you realise
you parted with your money too fast, and
the site you used was a scam - what now?
Well first of all, don’t despair! If you think
you have been scammed, the first point of
call is to reach out to your bank.

Creating awareness for fraud and sensitizing the public against scammers.

Learn from real-time stories how to avoid getting scammed.

What to do when you get a fraudulent call or message


Avoid giving your details

Ensure that while you are at the call, you
ensure not to talk about sensitive things


Speak to someone around you

They can sound exciting to you sometimes,
ensure you speak to someone while at it.


Contact your bank

Drop that call, then call your bank or visit the nearest branch to confirm what you heard or read.

For fraud related issues please contact your financial institutions or send a complaint to scam@efccnigeria.org and info@efccnigeria.org

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